Charles Deutsch

HPES Director

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Charles Deutsch, founder and Director of Harvard Peer Education Systems, is Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Society, Human Development and Health, Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), where he is also Deputy Director of the Harvard Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity. He holds a Masters in Teaching from Yale University and a doctorate in Behavioral Sciences from HSPH. He has been developing and studying prevention and health promotion programs featuring peer education since 1974 and has expertise in a variety of health content areas including prevention of HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, and obesity.

Charles began working in Africa in 1990 and has been developing his unique vision of a rigorous peer education system in South Africa since 1999. A long-time community organizer, he is dedicated to results-driven participatory processes that maximize buy-in and skills development.